Stryker LFIT V40 Femoral Head Trials

  • Stryker LFIT V40 Femoral Head Trials

The Stryker LFit v40 lawsuits centralized along with other hip replacement lawsuits before U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts in April 2017 as a part of multidistrict litigation No. 2768 are in the pre-trial discovery phase and are maintaining a steady pace.

Recently Judge Talwani called on the plaintiffs and defendants to select nine cases each, for a total of 18, to be a part of the initial bellwether discovery pool on or before February 2, 2018. Cases have to be selected on the basis that they were filed on or before December 12, 2017, and a "substantially completed" Plaintiffs' Fact Sheet has been served by the plaintiff on or before January 12, 2018. The judge also informed the parties to submit proposals regarding how many of the 18 bellwether cases will be eligible for the initial trial pool in September 2018. The first set of cases is expected to go before a jury on September 16, 2019.

The Stryker LFit v40 was removed from the market when reports involving complications and failures including taper lock problems came forth. The complaints received pointed that the metals used, a combination of cobalt-chromium and titanium alloy could lead to fretting and corrosion due to the friction placed upon them when the patient's hip joint moved resulting in pain, inflammation, loss of mobility, disassociation, and the need for a risky revision surgery. Plaintiffs allege the company knew the device was dangerous and failed to ensure the implants worked together safely and properly with the other components. The final bellwether trial cases will be selected by October 5, 2018.

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