Medical Legal Outsourcing

Medical-Legal Transcription

In many medical offices, clinics, and hospitals, it's a common practice for doctors and other healthcare workers to dictate files and to leave other notes for patients' records and case files in a voice format. It is far more efficient for these busy professionals to simply speak their thoughts into a recording device and to move on to caring for other patients who require their attention. However, it is necessary at some point to transcribe those audio recordings into a text format, and this is the task of a medical or medical-legal transcriptionist professional.

Medical Tagging and Bookmarks

When you are searching for a transcription service provider on whom you can count on for all of your medical-legal needs, you understandably may be looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions. However, while you may focus on the budget, you may understand that accuracy is an undeniable factor that simply cannot be compensated for. Neural IT offers a wide range of services designed specifically to meet the needs of the medical-legal community, and medical tagging is one of them.

Medical Malpractice Review

Medical malpractice cases are, unfortunately, very common, and they require your office staff to sift through stacks of paperwork to locate specific and highly relevant pieces of information about the case. The fact is that the aggregate suit amount of cases reviewed in the past year is more than 28 million, and this number is not expected to decline in the future. At Neural IT, we are committed to providing our valued clients with an extensive range of medical-legal services that meet their needs during a medical malpractice review situation and for many other everyday needs.

Demand Letters (For PI and Med Mal claims)

Demand letters are used in many legal claims because they state the intent of the claim to the person the claim is being made against. Demand letters have varied use and cover claims in a landlord-tenant relation to medically related issues. Not everyone knows how to draft a demand letter properly. It is in the best interest to seek the assistance of a professional when you need demand letters for personal injury cases or medical malpractice claims.

Plaintiff Fact Sheet (PFS)

Our plaintiff fact sheets are the perfect product for lawyers, law firms in practice of mass tort cases relating to pharmaceutical, as well as defective surgical device cases. While we generally focus on offering LPO, BPO, Voice and IT services, we have fact sheets for plaintiffs which is one item that fits perfectly in your legal office.

Rebuttal Affidavits - Affirmations

There are many facets of the law that pertain to the medical industry, and these laws may cover general medical practices as well as specializations like acupuncture, massage, physical therapy and chiropractic care. When a specific legal matter arises, medical professionals must research the matter and provide evidence for their position or case. With rebuttal affidavits from Neural IT, you will have access to the documentation you need for your case.

Benefits of Medical Legal Outsourcing

When you are thinking about using medical-legal outsourcing services, you understandably may also be wondering if it is better to hire in-house staff to complete the tasks. For this and to include this person on your permanent payroll, you will first need to go through the hiring process. Your needs may fluctuate upward and downward from time to time, but you will only have one person working for you. You also have to assign a dedicated office space and equipment to be used by this professional.

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